War of Wisdom-War of Words

The War of Wisdom-The War of Words

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There is a difference between winning a battle and winning the war. Jesus already defeated Satan at the cross and He does not have to defeat him again. When Jesus comes again His war is with man; those who believe what Satan says about God. Incorrect perception is instilled in our minds at birth when we are born into this sinful world (Satan’s territory). That is why we must repent and be reborn. Repent means to change our minds. Change our minds about what you ask? We have to change our minds in how we see God. God the Father consistently calls out to repent. We are to change our minds so we can change our ways.

“Demonic perception is demonic possession.”

Jesus is coming again to destroy those who are possessed by Satan’s perception. Perception is the way and the ability of how we see an image. We can see God’s Word His Way or Satan’s way. Satan’s way produces disobedience because it begins with disagreeing with God. Disobedience is the product of disagreement with God. The operation of these two things produce blindness. the bible says that Satan has blinded the minds of those who are disobedient. Disobedience is another word for ‘disagreement.’

Therefore when we are disobedient, we are actually saying that we disagree with God’s perspective of His Word. When we disagree, we wage war or invite a battle with God. We are now in a time that It is imperative that you test the doctrines of what you believe. You are taught perceptions from church leaders of all types and those who say they follow the true God. False prophets will teach you false perceptions of how God operates and they will distort the scriptures to suit your purposes as well as theirs. These distortions are distractions that keep you from knowing the Father and the Son whom the Father has sent. The battle of Armageddon is not a literal place. It is rather a description of the ferocity of the battle. It is the battle of disagreeing with God, that ends all battles. This fierce battle is with those who agree with Satan’s version of who God is. He is coming to show once and for all that His Wisdom and Word overrules every kingdom made by Satan that has been approved by man. The last battle is with man which will end with the destruction of them as well as Satan.

The War of Wisdom
The War of Words
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