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When studying the bible, the majority seem to go straight to the hebrew translation of certain words. The english language is very difficult in some ways and therefore in order to understand a word in hebrew, you must not forget to check the old english ways of speaking english words. For instance the term ‘to be cast out’ in old english is defined as ‘a person placing another in a place where they no longer want to think about them any longer. In other words to rid the mind of the person to the point of they don’t care what happens to them any more. The speed of that person being gone out of the other’s presence forever is what the term “cast into outer darkness’ means.

One cannot just simply go to the hebrew words for these things, but rather you must understand the terminology used when those words were written. Remember that we have our words from the bible that was translated from Hebrew into old english. It is important that we take the manner in which these things were said in the old english in order to grasp what God is saying to you. This accompanied with the understanding in hebrew will help you more clearly discern through the Holy Spirit what the Will of God is trying to do.


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