Daily Note

Teachable Moments

Attack vs Correction

Many people think they are being attacked, when in reality they are just being corrected.

Understanding The Godhead; The Unseen!

There are three adjoining parts to the Godhead. The first is the Father. He is


There is a term called possession mentioned in the bible. This is not Hollywood movies

In the Manner

Satan and His angels are not what you see in movies. So don’t get it

Sowing For Riches

Satan doesn’t want your money. He wants to give you money, so that your dependence

The Difference

Don’t condemn people who cannot tell the difference between what God says and what Satan

Prophetic Messages

The Tsunami Fog Is Coming

Last night God placed me in the center of the United States map. I appeared to be looking south from the middle of the country. He then turned me to look towards the northeast and He began to show me a fog rising out from the edge of the water.

Insightful Reading

Seeking Justice

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